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Q. Do I need to sign a contract for services?

A. Yes, however GreenScape contracts can be cancelled at any time. The contract merely ensures that GreenScape gets paid for services rendered.

Q. I'm interested in services from GreenScape, but I have a contract with a different company.

A. You need to look at your contract. Most contracts allow you to cancel it with 30 day notice. Usually, as long as you pay your previous provider for the services that they provided , there shouldn't be a problem.

Q. Do you treat for [enter pest, disease, or weed here]?

A. Most likely, yes. It would be impossible to list every pest that we can treat for. The best course of action is to call us, and let us examine the problem. We can then make a professional recommendation.

Q. How long will it take for my treatment(s) to take effect?

A. It depends on the chemical that has been applied. Most work quickly, however it can take weeks for the desired results to become apparent.

Q. What is a Pesticide, Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide?

A. These are all terms that define how a lawn chemical works. Herbicides, Insecticides, and Fungicides are all Pesticides. Meaning that they're intended to control pests. Generally speaking, herbicides control weeds. Insecticides control insects. And fungicides control fungus.

Q. What's the difference between a selective pesticide, and a non selective pesticide?

A. A non-selective pesticide is designed to control a large range of pests. RoundUp is an example of a non-selective herbicide. Selective pesticides on the other hand are intended to control a specific pest, or closely related family of pests. These are used to treat for certain pests such as Yellow Nut Sedge without harming the surrounding turf, or soil.

Q. Are the treatments safe for my pets?

A. Lawn treatments containing pesticides pose a minimal risk. Although the pesticides themselves will rarely affect people, or animals, This risk is typically measured in the amount of material that can be dislodged from the target area. As soon as pesticides dry in a liquid application, approximately 10% of the material can be dislodged from the target area. 24 hours later, less than 1% is dislodgable. The risk of hurting your animals or children is negligible. If this is a major concern, GreenScape recommends vacating the treated area for 6-24 hours after the treatment has dried.

Q. I'm interested in your services, but I have coupons for your competitor.

A. Those coupons don't have to go to waste! Let us honor them. GreenScape gladly accepts coupons from all of our major competitors.

Q. I'm concerned about the environmental effects of chemicals. Do you offer an organic program?

A. GreenScape has done extensive research on this matter. Nothing is more important than minimizing damage to the environment. The problem with organic treatments are that many of them are actually more dangerous than their chemical counterparts. GreenScape is in possession of several documents, and studies proving this matter. Please contact us if you're interested in examining these for yourself.

Q. What makes GreenScape Fertilization & Pest Control more environmentally responsible than the competition?

A. We care. We invest in more environmentally responsible application methods such as tree injection, and drift less spray systems. These systems use less chemical, and insure that chemical is applied only where it is needed. none of our major competitors currently use systems like ours.

Q. What is Drift less spraying, and how does GreenScape implement it?

A. Drift less spraying eliminates drift by containing the spray nozzles within a shroud which drapes the ground, and application area. It is immune to wind. With drift less spraying, we can avoid damage to your trees, and beds. We can also ensure that ALL of the treatment is applied where it belongs with unprecedented evenness of coverage. GreenScape owns a tractor mounted drift less spray system, and a walk behind version for your fenced in back lawn. about 90% of any given application will be performed with the drift less system. Edging around houses and walls will still need to be performed with a LOW drift spray gun.

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