Help for Troops and Families in Joplin
. GreenCare For Troops

GreenCare For Troops

GreenCare for Troops is a national outreach program sponsored by project evergreen and GreenScape to care for the lawns and landscapes of the men and women serving our country in the armed forces that are overseas.

GreenScape Fertilization & Pest Control acknowledges that Lawn and landscape maintenance becomes a definite hardship when a family's major breadwinner is on active duty away from home. We're here to help.

Military families interested in participating in the program may apply online at the Project Evergreen web site HERE, or by calling (877)758-4835

GreenScape is interested in finding other local landscaping, and maintenance companies to join this cause. Please contact Ray @ 417.623.GROW for more information, or log onto the web site.

20% of our current customer base is reserved for GreenCare For Troops..

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