782 MOLE Mole Trapping
. Mole Trapping (782 MOLE)

Why Mole Trapping?

Moles are one of the #1 problems on lawns. Almost everyone gets them eventually.

So what about repellants, bubblegum, caster oil, etc?
These things don't work. The patterns of a mole are unpredictable. I've seen the same mole on a lawn for a year.. then I've also seen one that only stayed a week.

The fact that they come and go causes people to think that "the juicy fruit gum worked!"... When actually.. The mole just moved on.

Trapping works!
and it's guaranteed. If we don't catch the mole.. you catch a refund. :)

We also perform poisoning; It is not recommended due to the possibility of animals finding a poisoned mole, and then eating it, and it's not guaranteed... but it does work in our experience.

Get Started

Got a Mole? Call 782.MOLE! (782.6653)

We can handle lawns, fields, or whatever. Chances are that we can be there within 48 hours to set the 1st traps.

Trapping is priced based on a lawn size dependant contract fee + $50 per trapped mole.

Poisoning is a one time charge based on the size of the lawn.


Not just another service

We have struggled for years with moles in peoples lawns, and have been asked time, and time again to start a trapping service.

Mole Trapping is serious business. It requires someone trained to spot the proper trapping locations, and it requires constant visits to the lawn to inspect, and change the trapping set-up.

We attempted to have this service performed as part of our regular services, but quickly found that our normal lawn technitions didn't have the time, or schedule flexabity to deal with it properly. What was out solution?

A totally new business! "782-MOLE" That's the name.. and it's the phone number.

Our regular lawn technition doesn't perform the trapping anymore, and the service itself is totally seperate from the lawn care side.

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